Laziness will allow you to think that eveything is simpler than how you see it, whereas in fact it is more complex. The reason for the British being part of the European Union was that the British were accidentally part of the Human Dignity Project. Something mostly conceived outside of the island and rarely committed to British law, but something which allowed Britain to punch above its weight, if only because of Empirical habit. Britain will no longer be in the ring, - scuffling instead, in the street, while the shopkeepers look on.

Living with contradictions is a mantra to chant to those who find themselves confused. Contradiction should be seen as a motivator, not a barrier, just as a designer is to be seen as a problem-solver, not a stylist. Like design, dealing with contradictions is hard work. Failing to recognise contradictions demonstrates denial, while trying to manipulate contradictions is a slippery slope to the gutter.

Leeching into everyday life is the internet. Choice being given up to Google and social life to Facebook just as social-morality was given up to Thatcher. Why worry about the philosophy of the Human Condition when you can shop on Amazon? The internet globalizes sneakily. The European Union Humanizes fairly and squarely.

A potential future for the world was when everybody became a bourgeois and there was nobody left to exploit. It would be the full circle to where humankind began: each person equal - and equal before the local resources of the world. The mob doesn't want to accept that. 

They go on in strange paradox,
Decided only to be undecided,
Resolved to be irresolute,
Adamant for drift,
Solid for fluidity,
All powerful to be impotent.

Winston Churchill.
One of the founding fathers of the European Union.