Mental or spiritual isolation from the world does not mean that the bodily functions cease nor the hormones evaporate.

Still, the quest for a metaphysical life is often prompted by the limitations imposed upon us by our physical life. Dammit, we don’t get what we want, we grow old and infirm and we die. Escape to the purity of ideas is a lot less messy.


Let us confuse this with the ineluctable characteristic of man


Cocooned in a small monastery, the walls can defend you against sets of rules that you don’t like. You have time to raise magnificent vault upon magnificent vault like the kitchen at Fontevraud, to satisfy the scientific observation that smoke rises and you can cook wild boar to feed your groupies.


Outside the walls, smoke would still rise if there were any firewood left, but in such circumstances, ideas cannot be pure.

as a social animal, and before you know where you are, the purity is soiled, because purity exists in only one brain at a time as if it is a parasitic butterfly.

Human Politics smother the chrysalis and the group generate a set of rules that they live by. Another group will form another set of rules that they will live by. Yet Another Group will create Yet Another Set of Rules that they will live by.
At least there was some relief when science was identified!