Theatre design, Historic Building Consultancy, Architecture, Design and Fabrication, Photography & Sundials

2020   Nelson & Parker - video project exploring the importance of being universal.

           Scarborough Listed Building - article for Scarborough News describing Listed Building to the public.
           Flint - photographic study of beguiling shadows given by an exceptional form.
           Westwood, Scarborough - design and fabrication of timber kitchen using timber harvested from own woods.
           St Ferriol Chateau - advice for masonry repairs to the 16th century chateau.
           Rue du Dr Cordier, St Quentin - feasibility study and outline design for a pair of family houses.
           Pentagon Table - design of five-legged circular table with pentagonal geometry in table-top.
           St Matthews Road, London - total renovation of London flat.
           London Festival of Architecture - article contributing to LFA with RCA Society.
           Oak Divans & Ash Desks - design and fabrication of twin seats and desks to commission.
           Nebrenice, Prague - advice for the repair of 19th century chateau and farm buildings.
2015  Westwood, Scarborough - renovation including internal timber shutters & integrated secondary glazing to sashes.
           Helsinki Guggenheim - participation in competition entry (with Rob Davies).
           House, Chartels - design and planning application for modifying small house in hamlet.
           Scarborough Gables - study of 19th century timber gable boards published in SPAB Magazine & the Scarborough News.
           John Pawson - consultative advice on historic building repair.
           796 House - detailed design drawings for a house where the floor steps down the natural slope of the land.
           Semi-Circular Table - design and fabrication of cherry and chestnut table.
           Mercer’s Table - design and fabrication of sewing table to commission.
           Atelier 591 - establishment of artists studio and workshop; creation of web-site.
           Henri’s Hut - detailed design drawings for a timber hut on legs.
           Cuba House - design of bio-climatic house for tropical latitudes.
           La Bourdette, Daumazan - conversion of out-building into Guardian’s Accommodation fo house.
           Bacon Table - design and fabrication of table in Cedar and Chestnut.
           Plank Chair - design and fabrication of Alexander chairs in Cedar, Ash, Oak and Chestnut.
           Icosahedron Scaphe Dial - design for sundial for a garden in China.
           Caille Table - design and fabrication of table for Diamond Anniversary in Chestnut and Oak.
2010  Sandra’s Loom - design and fabrication as tutor for glass artist’s work-station in Chestnut.
           Le Bancarel - Condition Survey of a group of farm buildings.
           Boxed in Time - participation in RCA Society Exhibition
           Les Silènes, Gragnague - renovation and adaptation of mud-brick former farm buildings as house.
           Place Bartolomey, Rouvenac  - design for conversion of village house into 3 flats.
           Crescent East, Hadley Wood - adaptations to house.
           Hayles Street, London SE11 - conversion of 3 former Priests flats into Sculpture Studio.
           Roquefixade 877 - Planning Permission for conversion of barn into house.
           Monument to Edward Said - polemical design for a memorial in Palestine.
           Le Fleutron, Divonne les Bains - modifications to a former Jura farmhouse.
           SPAB Repair Course - speaker at Spital Square on repairing houses in France.
           St Ronan’s Close, Hadley Wood - complete renovation of 1960s house.
           La Hazeuille, Lespugue - Survey and proposals for house.
           Maynard, Castera Bouzet - repairs to mud-brick house and barn.
           Bde Jean Bourrel, Quillan - conversion of town house into 3 flats.
           Salle Bleu de Chantier - hand-painted signage for theatre space.
           Rue de Touillon, Le Petit Jailly - Survey and proposals for modifications to house.
           Hameau de Vermeille, Tourtrol - modifications to house.
           Polaris Seat - design of roof-top sundial for house in China.
2005  Le Chêne Vert, Mirepoix - conversion of 7 former barns into houses.
           Place Marechal Leclerc, Mirepoix - opening up central light-well in town house.
           Dance Memorial - sundial design for Memorial to the former Secretary of the SPAB.
           Theatre Royal Northampton - National Lottery restoration of the 1884 Phipps theatre (with RHWL Arts Team).
           Aberdour Festival - exhibition of photographs of Edinburgh building roofscapes.
           Horse Shelter, Darnac - design and construction of shelter for two horses using split Chestnut.
           Woodland Management - start of a scheme to convert 10 hectares of abandoned woodland to a coppice.
           Sacred Geometry - participation in exhibition in Budapest, honouring the sacredness of geometry.
           LAN2D - participation in the ‘Bridges’ project at the UWE, Bristol.
           Ayley Tiling - development of novel geometric tiling patterns combining precision tiles with hand-painted glazes.
           Holmes Place Health Clubs - preparation of new specification for the showers with a refined cubicle system.
           Upper Leeson Street, Dublin - renovation of a listed Georgian house with the insertion of a lift for the disabled owner.
           Unknown Warrior, Bristol - exhibition of photographs of 1WW monuments in Northern France (with Paul Gough).
           West Mill Wynd, Lasswade - new high-quality kitchen design.
           Fondation Barguillère - feasibility study for the conversion of the old mairie into artists studios on a repairing lease.
2000  Odeon, Peterborough - renovation of 1937 cinema to re-establish a 1200 seat auditorium (with Tim Foster).
           Sheffield Cathedral - design of supporting frames for new silk banners (with Sally Greaves Lord).
           Artship, Oakland, California - consultative advice for the conversion of a ship’s hold into a performance space.
           Serres sur Arget - installation of stained-glass meridian window.
           Monument to Civilisation - development of earlier idea, establishing feasibility of design with cast glass blocks.
           Old Town, Tbilisi, Georgia - proposal for a Conservation Area in Tbilisi (taken up by the World bank in 2002).
           Cox Moor Farm, Devon - specimen repairs to cob walling of barn, re-blending cob from demolished parts.
           10x8; 8x10 - curation of an exhibition of photographs by graduates of the RCA.
           Back Church Lane - conversion of a railway arch into a community exhibition venue.
           National Opera Studio - Lottery funded feasibility study for conversion of Kings Cross warehouse (with Tim Foster).
           Bourg de Visa - renovation of a derelict village house.
           Samarkand - participation in AKTC conference on Urban renewal.
           Tricycle Cinema - Lottery funded planning permission for new cinema extending Tricycle Theatre (with Tim Foster).
           Sequoia Trust - feasibility study for Centre for Homeopathy in the chilterns.
           Mas Corbiach - conversion of 16th Century monks accommodation in the Pyrénées.
           Woodhill Farm Garden Buildings - new garden buildings including two adobe huts!
           Salisbury Playhouse - new studio theatre within existing shell (with Tim Foster).
           Queen Mary & Westfield College - design of new Drama Department (with Tim Foster).
           ARChitecture out of the RCA - curation of an exhibition of current work by former graduates of the Royal College of Art.
1995  Royal Academy Summer Show - drawing of Stanway House exhibited in Architecture section.
           Serres-sur-Arget - renovation of village house.
           Peoples Palace, QMWC - winner of limited competition to convert a 1930s theatre into lecture spaces (with Tim Foster).
           Nassau Road, London - new stained glass windows.
           Monument to Civilisation - project for a monument in collaboration with Igor Kufayev, painter.
           Thames Path Footbridge - competition entry for new footbridge.
           Woodhill Farm - conversion and extension of early 19th century farm.
           Barguillère Studios - feasibility study for artists studios in the Ariège, France.
           Highgate School, Sixth Form Common Room - conversion of old kitchens (with Tim Foster).
           King's Lynn Corn Exchange - Runner up in limited competition for conversion to a Performance space (with Tim Foster).
           All Saints Church North Molton - repair of 16th Century aisle roof (with St Blaise, Builders).
           Uppingham School, Art and Design Technology building - invited competition entry (with Tim Foster).
           Blagnac University - winning competition entry for new university department (with Joseph Colzani).
           Cliffs Pavilion - extensive modifications and extension to 1960s theatre (with Tim Foster).
           Salisbury Playhouse - study for improvements to the front of house & rehearsal facilities (with Tim Foster).
           Spitalfields Market - Planning Permission for conversion of old market club into performance space (with Tim Foster).
           MacOwan Theatre - study for improvements to facilities for theatre school (with Tim Foster).
           Shrewsbury Music Hall - study for re-defining the role of a municipal arts centre (with Tim Foster).
           LAMDA - Planning Permission for extension to administrative offices in Kensington (with Tim Foster).
           World Habitat Award - competition entry for vaulted clay cottages in Dorset.
1990  St Paul's School - new timber-framed building forming social centre of school (with Tim Foster).
           Bristol, Temple Meads Station - documentation for stonework repair and replacement to Brunel Station.
           Caroe & Martin, Wells - Church and National Trust, Landmark Trust, survey, report and repair work;

                                                                     Little Wittenham - New buildings for nature conservation trust.
           B.P. Headquarters, Hemel Hempstead - sundial, seat and bird-bath for new garden (with Mark Dunhill).
           Euston Hall - commission for commemorative bench design for Duke of Grafton.
           St Andrew's Road, Bristol - conversion of warehouse for studio and workshop with Mark Dunhill, sculptor.
           Houseworks Exhibition - a rooflight to deflect the mid-summer sun to the bottom of the stair  (with other artists).
           Niall Phillips Associates - Bridport Chantry - Repair & conversion of 13th century priest's house for the Vivat Trust.
                                                                           KingsWeston House - Planning permission for conversion of Vanbrugh loggia and brewhouse into dwellings.
                                                                           Kings Stanley Mill - Survey and report work for repairs to entire mill complex.
1986  SPAB - travelling scholarship giving thorough training in historic building repair techniques and philosophy.
1985  Berman Guedes Partnership - Windsor Safari Park - Chimpanzee House & Adventure playground; Cherwell Housing Trust - Housing Association projects.
              Theatre Projectsadaptation of preserved Dundee Opera House to new structural shell;  model of new theatre based upon the Georgian theatre.
              Theo Crosby, Pentagram - drawings for the Southwark Globe Theatre re-construction.
             Tim Foster Leeds playhouse competition; third prize; St Paul's School, Barnes - model of new theatre.
1984   Royal College of Art - MA in Environmental design
              Christopher Cross -  domestic interventions in London.
              Robert Hurd & Partners, Edinburgh: work on the restoration of historic Scottish Architecture.
              Philip Cocker & Partners, Edinburgh: design of new housing for North Sea Oil workers.
1979   Bristol University - BA in Architecture.